How to Tag All Your Friends in A Facebook Status Comments with A Single Click

If you are here means you must be using Facebook. So you must know the meaning of tagging in Facebook. In this post I will demonstrate a very useful trick of tagging your all the friends in the comments of your Facebook status.

If you want to tag a single person in you post, you can do this very easily. Just write ‘@’ (without the Quotes) and then start typing the person’s name, whom you want to tag. Facebook then will show you your friend automatically, select him and he would be notified that you mentioned that person in your post. 

Now, you must be thinking that using this approach, it is not possible to tag all your friends. Yes, you are correct. It is very much cumbersome to do. So, here is the trick for tagging all your friends in the comments of your Facebook status. I have tried this trick in Google Chrome and using Windows as an operating System, so I recommend you to use Google chrome only, when you try this.

>> Open your Facebook Account. 

>>Write your status. 

>>Hit share.

 >>Now, when your status is sent, you can see the time below your name on that status, as shown in the image below. 

How to Tag All Your Friends in A Facebook Status Comments with A Single Click

>>Click on that time. 

>>This would open your status in the new tab. 

>>Press ctrl+shift+J. 

>>A pop-up window would appear. 

>>On that pop-up window, click on the ‘console’ tab from the menu on the top, as shown in the figure below. 

How to Tag All Your Friends in A Facebook Status Comments with A Single Click

>>Now copy the code (shown below in the textArea) and paste it on the console and press enter.


>>Done, just wait for a while and you’ll see your friends been tagged on the comments of your Facebook status. 

*Please note that this article is only for the purpose of education. I request the readers to make effective use of it and not to be engaged in any type of spamming and if you try to do this, I author of this post is not at all responsible in any case. 


  1. SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

    1. What are you trying to say, please be clear? :D

    2. What are you trying to say, please be clear? :D


    4. What he is trying to say is that, after following each of your steps, the Console returns a red error message that states the above as illustrated here:

      "SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL↵ at Object.InjectedScript._evaluateOn (:613:39)↵ at Object.InjectedScript._evaluateAndWrap (:573:52)↵ at Object.InjectedScript.evaluate (:492:21)"

      Endless details are available following the error message but the user probably didn't know to expand the error to see them all. Some of the details are viewable in the image I supplied above.

      Perhaps the textbox you're using includes carriage returns (↵) that the Console doesn't like? That's just my guess.

    5. Actually, that was EXACTLY the problem and your trick works well; I just did it! I did eventually get an error message, but that could be because I have thousands and thousands of friends lol. Anywa, I removed all 75 carriage returns. To resolve this so that everyone can use your trick, you will need to edit the above instructions and replace your textbox with something else such as a small iframe to a webpage that states your javascript without carriage returns.

      Until then, everyone else can use a program like Microsoft Office Word.
      1.) Open Word
      2.) Paste the coding from the textbox in the above instructions.
      3.) Press Ctrl + H to open the Find/Replace dialog
      4.) Type the following in the Find What field: ^p
      5.) LEAVE THE OTHER FIELD ALONE and touch no other settings
      6.) Press the Replace All button. Press OK once it indicates it has found 75 instances. Close the Find/Replace dialog and return to the Word document.
      7.) Press Ctrl + A to select everything in the Word document and then Ctrl + C to copy it
      8.) As instructed above, paste at the prompt in the console. (Ctrl + V to paste because there's no "Paste" option if you right-click.) Press Enter to run the code.

      You may get an error message in the Console eventually, and you will get a notice in Facebook too, but it will have generated PLENTY (maybe all of your) tagged Facebook friends!

  2. Interesting, will try it some time.

  3. wow, Interesting! Will try it when sharing a pic... :)

  4. Hey thanks for the useful information....this just seems Wow !!!
    will try it out some time

  5. Really interesting. Will definitely try it out :)

  6. IS not Good :/



    1. Its working, please see that you follow all the steps :)

    2. Its working only for status updates, not working for statuses that have aphoto with them... plz tell me how to tag all my friends in a photo

  8. When I open inspect element in Google Chrome and console the only thing I get on right click is:
    Log XMLHttpRequests
    Preserve log upon navigation
    Clear console

    but no paste????

    1. In most programs in Windows, you can paste by pressing Ctrl + V. (Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while pressing the letter 'V'.

      Ctrl + X is cut, Ctrl + C is copy. Same for Mac, but using the Cmd key instead.

  9. for mozilla firefox .. how ?

  10. for mozilla firefox .. how ????

  11. FUCK OFF !!!!
    SyntaxError: unterminated string literal


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